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Loving Your Neighbor

Before God sent Peter to speak to Cornelius, God was already working in his heart…
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Gospel in the Marketplace

The gospel has power to redeem creation from corruption, and this includes the realm of our work…
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Leadership Development & Spiritual Formation

The goal of this program is to understand how people…
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Social Relationships & Christian Community

A biblical understanding of hospitality in community shapes the way…
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Preparing for Ministry

This program focuses on preparation for ministry through the eyes of the apostle Paul and his epistle to…
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Paul’s hardships & persistence

Through this experience, we hope to break the “bubble” in which many of us live in and get in touch with the reality…
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Learning & Engaging with the Greek Orthodox

On this day we will have the opportunity to get to know the basic beliefs of…
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Ethnographic Research

In this topic we will be exposed, in theory and practice, to the very basic of two sociological tools, namely…
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The Gospel & the Refugee Crisis

In this topic we will explore the important role of church plants in responding and adjusting easier into…
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Jesus in Athens (balanced mercy ministry)

In this topic participants will be presented with the main biblical…
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Persuasive evangelism

In this topic we will be exposed to the reality of a non common shared worldview society and we will be…
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In this topic we will exposed to the biblical and theological idea of ‘Common Grace’…
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Paul’s critique of idolatry

We will go to Mars Hill to read and discuss Paul’s famous sermon. Then we will look at how Paul’s critique…
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Paul’s ecclesiology

We are going to visit 2 church plants in different parts of the city and speak with the planters there in order to…
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Living & Ministering as a Minority

We will visit an Orthodox Church and then have three discussions…
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Paul in Corinth

During his second missionary journey, Paul stayed in Corinth for a year and a half. He shared his life and…
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Paul in Athens

For centuries Athens was a significant center of philosophy and rhetoric; it’s school of thought greatly…
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